ROOM TO PLY spans lovers' emotions and motions when they court and eventually perceive they want to share their life with each other. To give love and be loved to the greatest degree, they want so much to be compatible and are ready to give up everything - until they find they are losing themselves if they continue in this mode, and will ultimately lose each other. Solving this conundrum is the key to every lasting relationship. ROOM TO PLY offers perspective and courage that it is possible.




This section contains some and will contain more of my compositions, lyrics, and recordings. Black Gibson Les Paul with Marshall bluetooth Amp.


As everything else here on the Philosophy of Happiness website, these pieces speak to our struggle in carving out happiness and try to incite deeper consideration of our approach. Much of our efforts are invested, directly or indirectly, in giving and finding love. Thus, songs about the subject can be important crystallization points for mental processes in us that improve our life. They can also give powerful - maybe the most powerful - motivation for bringing the rest of our affairs on track. For that reason, I already dedicated significant portions of my poetry to love in its various facets. But the history of words is sound. Sound enables immediacy and added scope of expression and impression. I therefore toyed with the idea of recording my poems spoken. But even vocalized words can draw immense additional power from lyrical interaction with music. Music lends itself to opening avenues of awareness that might be closed to other forms of communication. It seems logical then that I include it in presentations warranting its participation.


Close-up keys on black piano.This form of expression is also natural to me. I have been singing and playing instruments for almost as long as I can remember. I received classical training on piano and guitar from the ages of six and ten, respectively, and by fifteen transitioned to electric guitar and freestyle keyboard. Of anything I can do, I am probably most competent at creating music. While that may not be much, I am happy to now put decades of training and practicing to harmonized use with my other passions of philosophy and poetry.


I'll be going back through songs and song ideas that have arisen throughout the years from very early on. But most prominently, I am writing new music and lyrics. The initial work I am publishing here is a rough piano and vocal demo version of a rock opera I have been working on for a number of months and will be working on for many more. Yes, I know that seems ambitious for a first published work. But I cannot control inspiration kissing me. Similar to the ways my Philosophy of Happiness book and my poetry arrived, muses took me on a ride, which I am merely recording.


Please tune back in soon.


a rock opera

(first demo version, 22.32 min., .mp3)

lyrics, music, and performance

© 2017 by Martin Janello

Lyrics (.pdf)

Album cover for Room to Ply, a rock opera by Martin Janello, bright glowing fractals on red and black background.

I wrote the score and lyrics to a pretty good little rock opera. Read below what it is about. Follow its development here from rough demo to polished production.


Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.